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Actually I never mentioned Quake II, have not played it on Amiga (Nova Coder is an ace programmer who has ported a lot of stuff to classic Amigas so he got Q2 running on an AGA1200)
Still, Quake I was officially released on Amiga. Why does it matter if uts originally a PC release if people actually played it on their 060 Amiga first. Then thats the memories they have about it...
Alien Breed 3d2 TKG could ofcourse also use a speed boost beyond anything that was available at the time. But thats not the whole thing, there's the allure of getting new stuff to run on old hardware.
If you only want to play FPS game at 120Hz thats fine by me, but I dont quite get why you are trying to convince the rest of us that its stupid to play anything that doesn't go 60Hz or above.
Let people have their own experiences with this stuff. :-)
Im sure almost everyone here also owns a fast PC when they get tired of nostalgia.
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