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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Sandro.. nostalgia and love for retro stuff isnt logical..
I was gonna write something else here, but the only thing I can come up with is. .
"Why are you here?" :-) (no offense)
Just seems like the wrong place to hang around at for someone who can only play games @120Hz " :-) (and how about we let everyone decide for themselves whats playable and what isnt)
Whatever miracle we can achieve in an A1200 is still lightyears from a modern PC.
Its just that for some of us that was never the goal.


nostalgia in Amiga is not about doom or quake 2, those games were designed for a PC, even those ports are not official were done by fans

if you have nostalgia to play Genetic species,Alien breed3d2 that's OK, were exclusive games for the Amiga
but nostalgia to play doom or quake 2 ????? I don't understand

btw, of course I not only play games at 120 fps,also I play games at 60fps,same games are still blocked by coders at 60 fps

but the 120 fps gaming experience is amazing,
playing a 3d game at less than 60 FPS is ridiculous today
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