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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
How about pulls back into the local CVS repo, in the case where your co-conspirators have been contributing as well? Any issues with conflict resolution this way?
Currently this works one way only. Everyone that wants to directly contribute needs an account on the mentioned (private) CVS server. There are only two developers now (Dennis and me).

Of course it does not stop anyone from forking the GitHub repo. Just that if someone does a pull request on GitHub, I'd have to integrate it manually into CVS source. Not as much of a problem as it seems, since you can easily convert pull request into plain diff and then apply with "patch" command (even on Amiga). And I almost never apply pull requests without modification, even where CVS is not involved, since I am picky about style and correctness (so I always mess with them anyway).

The real solution would be porting git client to OS3 (I'm not doing that ).
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