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Well I don't think Amiga scene will be affected that much , I think
they will focus on more recent titles or titles that still have some
money making potential.Amiga titles are 68k and that is pretty old
while PS2 titles will always have Sony on their legal side (sometimes
just to make them disappear so someone would buy new version).

Demise of Commodore saw many amiga companies drop Amiga or just
go out of business and many authors released free versions.

For a copyright hunting company to have a prey it needs a client
that will pay it , most of them are not charities or sponsored by
the states.Apart from that there is not infinite number of Amiga
titles to preserve , compared to Mac side just try and find some
old 68k games and you'll see they are gone forever even though
they are not sold anymore anywhere but EBay.

Good test site is Macintosh Garden , they had to pull down most
newer stuff as they claimed "fair use" and "abandonware" but EA showed them no mercy.
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