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Tried again but I don't understand what is going on.
Maybe this could give you some idea about what I'm doing wrong.

- logging
- 'implicit CR in every LF' on
- 'Return key sends Telnet New Line instead of ^M' off
- 'local echo' force off
- 'local line editing' force off

- no shared
- no rts/cts
- no directt
- no uaeserial.device

- 9600 baud
- 512B buffer
- handshaking xon/xoff (or none, seems it doesn't matter)
- parity none
- bits 8
- stop 1

>mount aux:
>copy s:startup-sequence aux:
correctly logged in putty with 0a as newline

>mount aux:
>copy aux: dh0:test
in 'test' every line (except the first) starts with 00 and ends with 0a
logged in putty without the initial 00 and 0a0d at the end

>mount aux:
>newshell aux:
putty logs 'New Shell process 1' 0a0d0f '1.System:> '
then I type 'dir' plus enter and putty logs 'dir' 0a0d
at this point nothing happens and only if I press repeately enter the output of command dir is presented

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