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Originally Posted by SaphirJD View Post - screen "shakes" also like in the video here, but more intense in Winuae and the effects especially the first balls scene get somehow distorted when watching the demo with Winuae [ Show youtube player ]

Used a quick config - A500 - 1.3 Rom OCS - 512 KB Chip and 512 Slow, Best compatibility

Normal behavior or not normal behavior?
Looks perfectly normal to me. It is 100% identical to real A500.

Never trust videos!

Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
Anyone else experiencing trouble running "Interference" (from disc) on WinUAE using A500+ settings? The demo gets about 2 minutes in just before an effect starts, music screws up. Seems to happen with current beta and last official release.

Demo text at start claims the demo has been tested on A500+

When I get time I`ll try running it from my real A500+
Real A500 plus confirmed (KS 37.175). Music starts working again if you wait a bit. Same problem happens again at the very end of the demo, just before credits. (and finally it crashes when credits ends)

btw, you forgot to include group name and download link. (Fortunately this time there was no common variants)
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