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Originally Posted by Dejavu View Post
I read all messages on this topic but i couldn't find the answer. I want to use Rapidroad with ACA500.
Since there is no sufficient power supply that can handle A500, ACA500 and ACA12xx in addition to USB devices, I recommend not to use RapidRoad on the ACA500 at this point.

Originally Posted by Dejavu View Post
What is the correct location of red wire of RapidRoad cable on ACA500?

Subway side or Delfina/Silversurfer side ?
The Delfina/Silversurfer side would be the correct side. However, I have to reapeat: I do not recommend to operate all this without a good power supply. Since ATX power supplies are no good due to their main rail being the 12V line (not the 5V line as required by the Amiga), you risk the life of all components on that setup.

My current plan is to include a DC-DC converter with the X-Surf-500, so you can add power for USB using an off-the-shelve 12V DC supply.

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