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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
A simple solution for an A1200 gfx card is just to use/reuse the available Picasso design and adapt it to the A1200. This has the advantage that is a proven design with working drivers which have been already done.

The hard part is adapting the Zorro II design to the A1200 card expansion. I believe Kipper2K has bought these conectors, so it is a matter of building a passthru and buffering the required Zorro II signals at the cards interface.

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A new card design will take ages to be implemented, and that is not counting driver development. So why reinvent the wheel?
Ok, looks interesting, but if it was easy I'm guessing someone would be selling these by now.
Kipper2k is around here somewhere. :-) Whats your view on this? What are the pros and cons?

Also, to physically fit a board that can be used with the various accelerator designs might be tricky. And if it would only work with a very specific hardware combo it would just be another BVision..
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