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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
And in the year 26 the old hardware dies, and then?! IMHO it doesn`t make much sense in the future to attach new hardware to the old hardware. It will become useless when the motherboard dies. Its like update your very old car without the possibility to replace the engine or wheels. 10-15 years ago a CPU+GPU+IDE(or similar) card were be cool.

When talking about FPGA I also don`t see much sense discuss about speed (cpu, video) because it is variable. Next FPGA become faster and core can be different.

As far as I know (might be wrong) Super AGA is "just" an AGA enhancement. So if the FPGA core has AGA + RTG (p96?) is there really a need for Super AGA?
daxb, sound like your needs could easily be fulfilled with WinUAE on a fast PC? ;-)

Anyhoo, the upcoming (for a while now) FPGA arcade is an upgradable stand alone product. Not exactly sure how much headroom that particular FPGA has in regard to more dranatic future core updates, but its probably not a big problem atm.

Also, the old Natami project was probably just the thing a lot of us would have wanted, but even though the new Apollo core is coming along nicely, its probably gonna be a while before we have all the parts of a Super Amiga all in one FPGA working with full backward compatibility.

The Vampire 600 v2 is just around the corner and Ive heard about plans for the other Amigas. It would be nice to see if the 1200 version could be upgraded with better graphics while we're at it. Either in the same FPGA or a separate daughter card that would be done in the future.
The expectations on the graphixs specs are incredibly low by todays standards so hopefully it wont be a problem. ;-)
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