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Originally Posted by phx View Post
So I don't understand the questions about merging it with other licenses or re-releasing it under a different name. Of course you can! It belongs to the public.
You and I share the same definition of "Public Domain", and we are able to share our views with each other in this thread. The situation is a lot less clear if you find some piece of code somewhere, the email address is no longer working and you have no idea how that guy defines "Public Domain".

I had to fix thousands of Aminet readmes in the last decade, I've seen a dozen different definitions of "Public Domain", including "pay me if you like it" or "don't use it in a war or for producing weapons". There's no piece of paper out there containing the definite version of "The Public Domain license".

I didn't want to make such a fuss about it though. Let's just say it makes things more clear for everybody if there is a "proper" license. The BSD license or Creative Commons Zero are pretty much the same as "Public Domain" - and they're well defined.

I didn't know that. I really would like to understand the reasons behind such a stupid law...
I think the intention was to protect the artist from greedy publishers or art dealers. It's useless of course, since you can simple exclusively license all our rights to some 3rd party instead. But it keeps lawyers busy, so I guess it fullfills a purpose
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