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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
But that's not running it on 25 year old hardware, now is it?
And in the year 26 the old hardware dies, and then?! IMHO it doesn`t make much sense in the future to attach new hardware to the old hardware. It will become useless when the motherboard dies. Its like update your very old car without the possibility to replace the engine or wheels. 10-15 years ago a CPU+GPU+IDE(or similar) card were be cool.

When talking about FPGA I also don`t see much sense discuss about speed (cpu, video) because it is variable. Next FPGA become faster and core can be different.

As far as I know (might be wrong) Super AGA is "just" an AGA enhancement. So if the FPGA core has AGA + RTG (p96?) is there really a need for Super AGA?
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