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I don't really like the idea personally.

There's already been a lot of talk about plans to produce an FPGA computer that plugs into the A1200's expansion port which will have on-board graphics and HDMI output. In my opinion you then up up with a new computer attached to a retro keyboard which is housed in a retro case.

I do like the idea of enhancing the original design though and eliminating some of the stupid design bottlenecks to create an A1200 as it 'should' have been in 1992 like a flicker fixer and chunky mode support (Graffiti).

I reckon my ideal A1200 set up would be:

Original motherboard, Indy Mrk2 (with Graffiti support enabled), FPGA based (020-060 compatible) accelerator (200+ MIPS) with an on-board SATA controller and 512 MB of FASTRAM. With this kind of set-up you'd be 100% compatible with existing Classic software (WHDLOAD), WorkBench would absolutely fly and you'd even be able to run the most demanding 68k software at a decent speed like Quake 2 and NetSurf (web browser).

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