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Amiga A1200 graphics card discussion

Ok, so there are some (few) solutions, but they are rare and expensive.. The Blizzard Vision is AFAIK the only real graphics card upgrade ever released for non-tower Amiga 1200s.
The Graffiti doesn't quite qualify... (Even if it offered chunky display support)

We all know that even the cheapestr GPUs today offer performance that is by far beyond what the A1200 could handle anyway. Yet, there has not been any new products that would offer anything near the BVision.

For PC laptops there was at least one PCMCIA graphics card, but I reckon that the Amiga implementation of the PCMCIA standard simply doesn't work with such cards.

So my question is to the techies out there:
What would be the most sane approach to creating a new graphics card for the A1200:
*Could there be a new "ACA 1230" -style card with a GPU on the same card?
*Could the IndiVision concept evolve into something more similar to an actual graphics card?
*FPGA acellerators featuring both soft 68k CPU and some kind of SuperAGA implementation on the same FPGA?
*Any other wild ideas?

IMO, the most likely solution is an FPGA containing all the good stuff in the same chip.
Agree? Disagree? Opinion?

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