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AKReal 8.4 live update released!

We are happy to announce the release of the new update of AKReal – the unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga machines.

This on-line update is delivered to your AKReal installation via its Live Update feature. Simply boot your AKReal and the new update will be found automatically. Just confirm and install.

Full installation archive is available for free from


AKReal 8.4 includes regular AmiKit 8.4 update plus some extras. If you decide to install a RTG card later you will see some changes in MorpheuZ (which uses more colors) and offers you new 24Bit Themes (thanks to AfA_OS by Bernd Roesch).

If you don't have a RTG card but you want to emulate a Picasso IV Zorro III, just open "Better Config" in the Tools drawer and check the instructions as you need first to have the Picasso system ROM to emulate it. Click "Install" and you will be asked what configuration do you want to try, including the RTG one.

I include a WinUAE configuration attached that you can adapt to your PC changing the paths to your files. I recommend to use a HDF file as harddrive, to use an OS3.9 with BB2 and to copy at least the MUI key to S.

Start Menus: Before they had a vertical bar on the left, where you could click on to edit the settings, but now they don't have it, so you won't notice them unless you make a right click on the image of AmiKit on the left of the top title bar. If you need to edit it now you will have to press Ctrl and right click on the same place.

MacLikeDock: Originally this program closes after you open any of the programs of the bar, but I've made some changes so it will open again after opening the programs or in some cases after they finish. I've also added a new “Refresh” icon (the last on the right) in case you have to clean it's “transparency”.

More things? There are some new wallpapers and also a new RTG drawer to store them, a new robotic booting sound that I've called "IRobot" with my voice ... and many, many more things.

The Mattahan's Icons Set has also been updated on the site.

AKReal 8.4 update by Retrofan installed on top of AmiKit 8.4

- ADDED: Four RTG wallpapers in AmiKit:Prefs/Presets/Backdrops folder.
- ADDED: Picasso96 2.10a files by Tobias Abt and Alexander Kneer.
- ADDED: New booting sound "IRobot" with my voice and music by DJNick.
- ADDED: HippoPlayer icon launcher to MacLikeDock menu and a new "Refresh" icon at the end.
- ADDED: New 16 colors boot image "AmiKit_800x600_16Colors.iff" in AmiKit:Prefs/Presets/Backdrops/Booting_Pictures folder.
- ADDED: Compactflash.device 1.32 Torsten Jager.
- ADDED: WNMC 90.7 Stream Radio icon script to Start Menus.
- ADDED: Transparent_2 Pointer preferences from "CyberPointer" by D.Heinrich and P. Habermehl will be used by "Better Config" program with RTG.
- ADDED: AfA_OS 4.7 by Bernd Roesch with 24Bit Themes by Ken Lester.
- CHANGED: Magellan_bar_Logo_256C Start Menu, now with less white space on the right.
- CHANGED: "Better Config" script in Tools folder, now with configuration for RTG using a Picasso IV Zorro III.
- CHANGED: Font preferences to avoid problems with RTG. "Better Config" script in Tools folder will use old fonts if you select AGA instead of RTG.
- CHANGED: MorpheuZ preview of Rainboot configs now uses 256 colors images if you use RTG. Also the MorpheuZ images change if you use RTG.
- CHANGED: SongPlayer MUI prefs.
- CHANGED: Workbench2000 MUI prefs.
- CHANGED: Startup-Sequence to avoid problems with systems using RTG.
- CHANGED: MacLikeDock behavior: It will open again after opening any program.
- CHANGED: Start Menus now without borders. Just click on the left of the title bar and the Menu pops out.
- FIXED: Mi-Soul radio stream and its Start Menus links.
- FIXED: Copper-Demon.

Many thanks to Peter Keunecke, Thomas Rapp and Tommes for his wallpapers:

AKReal is free, but you can contribute with whatever amount you feel it is worth.

Edit: WinUAE config attached in this post:


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