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Originally Posted by phx View Post
I was also under the impression that making my sources public domain would be pretty clear to everybody. The header of each single file says:
* I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby release it into the
* public domain. This applies worldwide.
Isn't that as clear as a license? Why can't that be seen as a license?
Like wXR already said: It's not clearly defined what "Public Domain" means. One example would be code mergers: can I add a GPL licensed mod player to your code (and thus make your code GPL too?). Can I go to a GPL licensed project and ask them to include your "PD" licensed double-buffering routine (they'd probably refuse, if they're serious about licenses)?

Granted, it's not that urgent in case of a retro game developed in m68k assembler. And since you're not an ass, another coder could simply make assumptions about what you mean with "Public Domain" and it would most likely be fine. But if we're asking developers to release their sources, we should also try to create an atmosphere where they can be sure that whatever rights they decide to keep to themselves will be respected, and that they will be properly credited for their contribution. And the way to achieve this, is to encourage people to use proper licenses and make sure others respect the terms of these licenses.

Btw.: Since you're German, you can't actually release anything into "PD"

Ah, forgot to mention: AMOS sources for AmiRobbo released on Aminet. Using the ever popular "Public Domain" license

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