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Localhost a.k.a. is the default. is not a valid IP address.

Ping does not work with WinUAE's network emulation, that's ok.

Make sure that AExplorer is running. If you run it again, it will be stopped.

Make sure that AExplorer says Connection: TCP/IP when you run it.

Check if WinUAE ist listening on port 356 (use netstat /a). If you have a firewall make sure that WinUAE is allowed to listen.

You can add AExplorer to s:network-startup to run it automatically.

Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
@Thomas: I installed Amiga Explorer. On OS4.1FE it crashes immediately.


Hmmm....if I don't run it from User-Startup like it says to in the doc, and manually start it with a double click, it runs. I can't connect to it from Windows side.

What am I supposed to use for an IP Address for the Amiga? ( is default) I added the slirp_ports=356 to my config.


I get a TCP/IP connection error on Windows side. Says to "ping" to see if Amiga side responds. It does not. I can't "ping" on the Amiga side, either.

Is the TCP/IP stack not running by default? I can surf the web.
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