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Re: DivX not an option

Originally posted by Gibby
...... if you want to play on a standalone DVD player. I think. I am not aware of any DVD players that can play avi and mpeg movie files off a disk.

With VCDs the movie file is a .DAT file and the player will recognise that it is a VCD or a SVCD and will play it (if your standalone DVD player can play VCDs and/or SVCDs)
wrong, with vcd you're aim is to convert from the vob files into mpg so that u can burn those files onto disc, the files are stored on the disc as mpg (at least they are when using nero)
my standalone player is a Pioneer DV 535 which can play back vcd's and also svcd's
check out this page for a list of dvd players that can playback vcd's

you're right about the avi files though, they cant be played back on a standalone dvd player
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