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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Yeah, from AS225 through AmiTCP to RoadShow, all IP stacks on Amiga are just bad ports.
For obvious reasons, I've never run AS225, but I have run AmiTCP since 1994, still do, and have it on original disks with (quite good) documentation.
And of course it was a bad port. In order to put TCP/IP in AmigaOS, NSDI basically took half of the BSD kernel, as well as much of the userland including etc/passwd, bin/ls, and ported it to the Amiga, which faciliatated a lot of bad ports from UNIX. Credit where credit's due, they also made a lot of good adaptations, such as file notification support, an ARexx interface and so on.
RoadShow seems to take a different approach, dispensing with the AMITCP:db directory and arcade commands.
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