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I read in another thread you want to compile a list of open source releases. I've been doing that for a while (only for games though), so here's what I got so far:

6tris++                   1999  (AMOS)    (PD)   (Info)  (Source)
Alien Bash 2              1995  (ASM)     (?)    (Info)  (Source)
Alien Breed 3D            1995  (ASM)     (?)    (Info)  (Source)
Alien Breed 3D 2 – TKG	  1996  (ASM)     (?)    (Info)  (Source)
Biker Babe From Barbados  1995  (ASM)     (?)    (Info)  (Source)
Dr. Strange 2             1995  (AMOS)    (?)    (Info)
Fire Power                1997  (AMOS)    (PD)           (Source)
Frontal Assault           1996  (AMOS)    (PD)   (Info)  (Source)
Gravity Force 2           1994  (ASM)     (?)    (Info)  (Source)
Imperium Terranum 2       1998  (Pascal)  (GPL)          (Source)
Knights                   1994  (AMOS)    (GPL)  (Info)  (Source)
Megaball 4                1995  (ASM)     (ASL)  (Info)  (Source)
Psycheual                 ?     (ASM)     (?)            (Source)
Solid Gold                2013  (ASM)     (PD)   (Info)  (Source)
Soliton                   1997  (C)       (GPL)          (Source)
Super Nibbly              1993  (ASM)     (?)    (Info)  (Source)
Yagg                      1996  (Blitz)   (?)            (Source)
Zombie Apocalypse         1992  (Blitz)   (?)    (Info)  (Source)
The list clearly shows that people need to be asked to put proper licenses on their releases: The column containing mostly question marks (and four "PD" monikers, which doesn't have any real meaning either) denotes the license used.

Without a proper license, the code can only be used for "educational purposes, i.e. studying it.
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