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I just rediscovered this thread today as I sit with an Amos Pro manual on my lap (and the music from Turrican II playing in my ears) still flirting with learning Amos pro.
I now have 3 1200s, one with a much needed hard-drive, I have ordered a C.F card and reader too and hopefully I can get things moving on making a simple game.

The thing is, and this is properly lol-worthy, I honestly don't even know the basic structure for a program in's silly that I would even look to try this I am sure, as my speciality lies in art and graphics but I meet a lot of people new to art and I take them under my wing and help them where I can and get a kick out of when they show me their work..I guess this is the same.

I am determined to not get disheartened by the complexity of even the most basic programs haha, I saw machine code once and wondered how the hell that even works!

I am still very interested in the Amiga scene and specifically creating games for it.
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