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Originally Posted by CMTX View Post
I also join the first question of Retrofan. Graffitti modes are implemented on indy ECS where they have little use. If it was implemented in indivision AGA we could do MAC emulation on a chunky 640x480 display fast as hell. And with the excellent image quality of the indivision AGA... I have an original graffitti board, and the speed is blazing fast on 256 colors.

AFAIK it's absolutely possible to do this only upgrading the ┬┐firmware? of the fpga. And it was a promised feature from the beggining. ┬┐Will I.C. add it some day? I'm sure that if they do it coders will create more software for the graffitti, like a quake version. And this will create more sales.

It would be a smart move in my opinion
As far as I know the Graffiti mode was basically completed for the Mrk 2 years ago. The plan was to have an improved Graffiti mode with the Mrk 2 with better color representation than the original.

It wouldn't actually effects sales of the card at this late stage which doesn't give Jens much of an incentive to release it now. Hardly any software supports Graffiti and only a couple of DEVS would bother to add Graffiti modes to existing software.

Yes it would be great if Jens released a firmware update to add this mode but I don't think we'll ever see it

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