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Question New to the Amiga Emulation scene (but not the Amiga or Emulation) - controller query

Hi all, I'm new to the Amiga Emulation scene (but not the Amiga - had an A500 ages ago, friends had 500's 1200's etc. and I'm not new to emulator's - I've previously run Mame on a PC). I'm up and running with FS-UAE, have my kick rom (which I may need to tweak - don't think you could run worms on a standard A500), have my game roms (which have generally been fine, my Syndicate 3rd disk is possibly questionable) generally it has been going OK. My query is controllers or joypads for a Mac - where on earth can you buy them on the High Street? I have no problem with buying them online, but went to the Mac Store, went to Game and even resorted to PC World and had no joy I really don't want to do the Playstion or XBox controlled bodge (as it is a bodge), but would really need to get a joypad (I have a Speedball 2 rematch with Super Nashwan that has been about 20 years in the making - I'm winning this time ). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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