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Originally posted by Amigaboy
I never said WHDLoad wasn't good. Hey, I love it. But I've always preferred JST. Most of the JST installs were made to work perfectly on a 2mb chip machine (I have an 18mb machine now, but that's not the point) which I used to use frequently a while back.

With WHDLoad installs, the requirements usually require at least some fast ram
That is total pish - it depends on the game in question ONLY, nothing to do with JST or WHDLoad. No games actually require fast memory, they just need approximately double whatever the original game needs (so it can save the current contents of memory and restore it when you quit) - be it fast or chip memory, doesn't matter.

The memory management in WHDLoad is actually a lot better than JST due to the way it allocates chip memory. You can run a lot more 1Mb games in the same fragmented memory on a 1200 using WHDLoad install than a JST one.

WHDLoad rules forever!
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