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Integer pre-scale to reduce blurry pixels?

I got a new flatscreen monitor. I thought I would finally try to let WinUAE scale to the full screen without extra borders and forego the obsession with "perfect pixels" to get a nice big picture instead.

Now I realize I never understood the filters panel. To reduce blurring and minimize pixel wobbling, I would like to do an integer pre-scale 2x, e.g. a simple pixel doubling. Then I would like WinUAE to apply bilinear filtering from there to scale the 2x pre-scaled bitmap up or down to the "odd" full screen pixel resolution of my display, which is a non-integer multiple of the Amiga resolution.

I think in Mame this feature is called pre-scaling, and it is quite useful. In other emulators it is sometimes called software scaling "simple 2x" which can be enabled in addition to the hardware (bilinear) scaling.

I am pretty sure this can be accomplished with the filters panel, but I am lost at the moment.

EDIT: using latest beta in Windows 7 now. It works like a charm at the moment apart from this little hickup.
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