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Originally Posted by van_dammesque View Post
I have watched the longplay version on the ST, problems that hopefully would be rectified for the Amiga version:
1. Sound or Music, not both.
2. Poor SFX and Music.
3. Aspect Ratio, cant see enemies coming properly.
4. Flickering sprites. (Maybe youtube or recording software?)
5. Poor homing missile sprites. Incorrect flight path.
6. Poor ship and enemy sprites (why not rip straight from arcade version?).
7. Bosses too easy.
8. Poor Boss GFX.
9. Bullets from enemy not the same.
10. Poor explosion effect of when you die.
11. Secret power ups and 'sprouts', space invader.
12. In the 'train section', level 2, you cannot shoot the enemies when they are not protected by the tunnels.
13. Too short shield time.
14. Backgrounds don't react to weapons. e.g. bomb causes sprouts to appear, homing missiles destroy tracks in lvl 3.
15. Some bigger enmies missin after track section.
16. No intermediate section between last level and the 1st level.

Things that are OK:
1. Enemy layout (Just).
2. Star (powerups) layout.
3. Background GFX OK.

Please consider to make Slap Fight using the Megadrive code, it is much better version.

The original game has 240x280 pixels, maybe we can use the same on Amiga.
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