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Beta 15:

- Map only upper half of ROM image if GVP Series II ROM is 32k.
- HD controller ROM loader duplicate code removal from HD controller specific code.
- Accelerator board HD controller hardware was not added to emulation if board's boot ROM was missing. (b12)
- Added DKB 12x0 accelerator on-board RAM support. 1M and 2M size are not supported, address mapping is not completely emulated.
- Floppy sound volume mixing fixed (b14).
- Oktagon 2008 didn't have autoboot disable option.
- Only keep high Windows timer resolution mode active when emulation is running.
- Added Seek (6) and (10) SCSI commands to HD SCSI emulator, only checks for valid LBA.
- VGA modes had inverted TV/VGA aspect ratio setting. (Probably not completely correct yet)
- Added configurable blanking borders. GUI adjustment hacked to Filter panel, "Overscan blanking" setting. When "Overscan blanking" is selected, filter mode is always none. First slider adjusts horizontal start, second = horizontal end, third = vertical start, fourth = vertical end. Values are always in superhires (horizontal) and interlaced (vertical) coordinates. Zero = disabled. Currently display is only updated with new values after returning to emulation and GUI text elements are not changed.
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