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Actually for me the point of AROS - missed by most - was not only to reimplement Amiga OS as open source and to do it cross-platform wise but also to offer open alternatives to the closed source toolboxes around: so you need a RTG? you have a cybergraphx reimplementation; you need MUI? there is zune; an open REXX reimplementation? we ported Regina, a 3D API? Gallium is here, and is working also as a gene bank to save some of the technologies that are not available for development.

As i see tihngs this is the turning point for the remaining Amiga communities: the survival itself of the "amiga way" approach is in danger, and that exactly because there are still entities that unlike on other communities keep the essential pieces for devlopment locked away (as Locutus called it the "crown jewel syndrome") so without those pieces no free reimplementations, no new software, no interest on new devs or curious devs that need to do some kind of treasure hunt to catch code pieces and also face a unlikely level of economical expense for a tiny hobby system what has become; and for this, until the music seriously change, in my opinion there will be no good homebrews or new software to sell or offer like on other retrocommunities and Amiga will be just a memorial.

Personally am more inclined towards free accessible infrastructures (APIs, libraries, languages,toolkits) than to open the program themselves so to give tools to whomever like, then if they want to do open software is better, for commercial would be more towards a donation system if possible. But i state for me the first priority objective should be to have an userbase (possibly an active one) grow again: some numbers to restart and make worthy build things.


probably not in your interest or short term goal, however i think you can write some generic documentation so that third people could do a clean room rewrite of P96 or some wrappers...

by the way i liked what you did with the Sonnet

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