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Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
Gotta love the incredible sense of entitlement here, where you're horrible and selfish if you opt not to give away the thing you made for free as you're apparently morally obligated to do. But don't worry, you can still make money off your work, as long as you give anybody the capacity to take it without paying you! (Because you can just give away the program and only charge for the data! Because all you're going to be making is games, right?)
Yeah, that's right. If people want to sell things they made themselves, let them. They have all the rights in the universe to do so, and there's nothing wrong with paying for good software, old, new or otherwise.

Especially for old software people seem to think you should be able to get it for free legally. Very strange that, especially seeing how the software apparently isn't old enough to use

Generally, perhaps people should work on free, open source projects for the Amiga. There are other platforms that are literally a million times better for commercial products. The Amiga platform is so small that you might as well do it for free (but that let that stop anyone from selling Amiga software).
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