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Originally Posted by strim View Post
Proponents of open source need to realise one important thing. Just opening everything does not magically solve the problems of our community. Sure, it often makes things easier, but the most important thing is getting people involved.
That's exactly right. But of course it has to start with a decision to be open to other people being involved, at any point now or in the future. God, if we could just get past this one first step, we could move mountains!

Let's face it, the difference in the present age of software development as compared to the 80s/90s, is that great projects can be found at all. GitHub lubricates the whole social/community process so I don't have to chase a developer by snail mail or some obscure BBS with questions, suggestions, etc. Here's my pull request, here's how to reach me. Thanks for your hard work.

And seriously strim, thanks for your hard work, and for drawing a very clear line in the sand about this topic. Forget the naysayers, what you are doing is the right thing and I wish you absolutely great success in all of it.

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