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I sometimes see users on Amiga forums stating that they do not wish to pay the small fee for some Amiga software written by a bedroom coder and instead wanting it for free. But then in other threads the same posters have given £70 to Microsoft for an XBox game.
FWIW, though I personally don't support nonfree applications on any platform, I would be very happy to contribute financially to a project for a hobbyist platform that has source available, even if that license happened to be a good deal more restrictive than GPL/BSD/MIT, i.e. here's private repo access, but please don't distribute it.

About AROS: I don't think that's a reasonable analogy. I think the answer to why it moved so slowly is because, in the end, there was very little point. It's an admirable goal to want to create an open source implementation of the AmigaOS, but it's a minority within a minority who will care, especially since the initial goal was not running on actual Amiga hardware.
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