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The "commercial model" Amigakit so selflessly recommends here leads to people having to pay for (very) slightly updated versions of 20 year old software like Personal Paint, Aladdin or Final Writer, not sure what any of these have to do with "bedroom coding".

If you really want to make money (I haven't seen any bedroom coders making money with their Amiga output in the last decade?), the GPL is not a problem - you just have to adjust your business model. Even on AmigaOS 4, people were earning some really nice pocket money with open source software - the guy who ported DOpus 4 comes to mind, for example, or the 7000 Euros paid for the ridiculously bad and unfinished port of Firefox.

You can ask for donations, sell your software for six months then make it free (as in Freedom) software, organize some crowd funding ("will be released if amount X is payed upfront"), sell a boxed collector's edition...

But again: what bedroom coders have been trying to make money recently? I can't think of any. And if you're releasing your stuff for free, also releasing the sources under a free license is not much of a financial problem.

If the developer wants to port his old releases to some mobile platform and earn money there, we're out of luck. But there are hundreds of really good PD games out there where this is not the case. Even if I only look for good AMOS, BlitzBasic and GRAC games (for easy portability and/or maintainability), I can come up with dozens of old games worth preserving or updating.

That stuff will be lost forever one day, because running it in an emulator is cumbersome, requires special knowledge and is legally complicated since it requires Kickstart ROMs.
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