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Open sourcing applications is not always the answer to every project.

AROS is an example of an Amiga related open source project and some very hard work has clearly been done there with some good results. However, it has taken a very long time to get this far since it's inception in 1994.

We need a commercial model to accelerate development and close the gap with mainstream platforms.

I can understand why non-coders do not always realise the huge effort in developing even basic software on the Amiga, let alone more complex applications. These developers need to live and survive and asking the price of a pizza is not too much for many people who benefit from good software.

I sometimes see users on Amiga forums stating that they do not wish to pay the small fee for some Amiga software written by a bedroom coder and instead wanting it for free. But then in other threads the same posters have given £70 to Microsoft for an XBox game. is offline  
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