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Maybe I'm too stupid to install WB 1.3 to a hdf which runs on the A500 config.
Maybe this thread could be closed.
Now I successfully installed WB2.04 on a virtual hdf running in the A600HD config .

Some information about my joystick problem in the early 1990ies:
A couple of people in my surroundings late 1980ies/early 1990ies 'killed' the joystick-port by pluggin' in/out the mouse and the joysticks while the amiga was running. This experience was burnt into our minds, believe me or not.
Then around 1991 exactly this happened to me: I re-plugged the mouse and the joystick while the A500 was running. The A500 produced a redish screen and did nothing else. It was blinkin' in red.
By fortune I practised at that time in an IT company and one fellow gave me the hint to replace a certain chip. This fellow, you may call him nowadays a NERD, he was absolutely right.
I replaced the chip and this machine (my 28 years old A500) is still running in 2015.
To name the chip I replaced I have to take the case of and have a look underneath the mainboard.

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