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Originally Posted by Megol View Post
You argue like a 12 year old. Have you ever done anything to that standard? It is simply shit. And the Windows comment? Comparing a shell to a text terminal standard?!?
At least can be any width, not limited to 80 columns wide like cmd.exe! It's more like a legacy text mode DOS emulator than a shell.
Originally Posted by NorthWay View Post
And before you mention Installer, that is not what I am thinking of: Try to install an application and then move it to another partition or directory. Using WB. Or whatever really - did you get all the dependent files with you when you moved it?
This of course depends on the application. It is certainly possible to design an application that you can just drag anywhere you like and it will still work. The ones i hate most are the ones that require to put Assigns in the startup-sequence.

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