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My Amiga retro room

This is what happened a few months ago. I was turning 38 and suddenly found my old Amigas in the basement and then just started to upgrade them, ordering all kinds of stuff and more Amigas. I even got a CDTV for free from someone I know. Also, is an old CRT monitor like this, when connected to the Indivison ECS Scandoubler worthy of comparison to an original Commodore 1084S with regards to picture quality?

Amiga 500 with Gotek Floppy Emulator, ECS Scandoubler and ACA 500 + ACA 1233

This TV is connected via RGB scart cable and has very sharp and vivid colors. Amiga 600 + ACA 620 ver.2 (Oh, and there is another Amiga 600 down there below the TV

2 Amiga 500s and one complete CDTV in wardrobe pluss alot of other Amiga stuff

I know, bad picture quality taken with my old fashion phone. I hate touch phones and have no interest of them
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