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I started looking at the HDInstTools code, but figuring out exactly where it fails is not proving to be easy...

This probably isn't the cause of the problem, but in response to a SEEK (10) command you return sense key 05, ASC/ASCQ 24/00 which means ILLEGAL REQUEST / INVALID FIELD IN CDB. The SCSI-2 spec (s2-r10l.pdf) doesn't seem to state what error should be returned if the host issues a command that the device doesn't support. But 20/00 INVALID COMMAND OPERATION CODE sounds like it would be a better match.

One Seagate product manual, which was probably based on a later SCSI spec, says "If a device server receives a CDB containing an operation code that is invalid or not supported, the command shall be terminated with CHECK CONDITION status, with the sense key set to ILLEGAL REQUEST, and the additional sense code set to INVALID COMMAND OPERATION CODE."
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