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Wow, Im glad I started this topic if something good can come out of it, eventually.

But its human nature to have everything in at least 2 groups.
History has shown that nothing ever is agreed upon by everyone. So we're looking at one group that wants to unite & cooperate and work towards compatibility and open stards.... and a second group that doesnt....
The reality of the situation is that this antique 68k world is a small nische and while those of us who are left love it passionately we are most likely to be stuck with old software and ports of open source stuff from the late 90's. From that perspective, maintaining compatibility is a big deal and while super AGA or AGA2 would be really neat, the first focus beyond mere compatibility should probably the elimination of some of AGAs obvious bottlenecks.. bandwidth / performance in high res modes.
If we can get there, we'll be playing Quake II in 800x600 on our FBGA enhanced A1200s and what not...
It would also make it much easier to port other stuff so that could quickly grow the 68k Amiga gaming library (and other stuff) without too much effort.
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