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I have actually aquired two 14 inch CRT TV's for the purpose of my retro stuff. One of them gives a superb picture using a Scart RGB cable. The other one does not show a perfectly still picture. I have ordered a couple of modified scart cables to try on that one. To do Amiga games justice you really need CRT. btw, back in the days I actually was using a 14 inch CRT TV with scart connection, while my friends where using a TV modulator RF connection. RF looks like crap compared to scart. Scart is almost as good (providing you get a perfectly still picture) as an old Amiga monitor, like the 1084S.

I am using an ECS Scandoubler on one of my 500s together with a 19 inch LCD screen. Even if I use scanline emulating, when comparing it to my 14 inch Scart RGB TV it is totally inferior. One could just aswell just use Winuae on a PC. For the most part I will stick to my two CRT TV's with scart. 14 inch CRT TV's with scart is perfect as they are the same size as the old Amiga monitors. I wouldn't want any bigger CRT TV's than this. Of course, if I get hold of a Commodore 1084S I would use that one, but I would not spend to much time trying to get one. Amiga games was made for CRTs, simple as that.

Edit: Got hold of a 14 inch CRT monitor from a 1998 PC today. Looks good when connected to my scandoubler. But not sure if it's better VS my Scart to RGB connected TV. TV has very strong and sharp colors.

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