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Great work so far

I really do think these suggestions are worth putting into reality. One cannot work alone or closed source for Amiga to succeed. We do indeed need standards and compatibility.

I suggest let others do what they want to do, its their projects - but we can take charge of our own future legacy as its what we all believe is the best course of action.

I dont know which developer/ engineer wants to take part in this new adventure to bring a standardized AGA2 Amiga to the world, if you can spare time say so here.

I suggest inviting all FPGA developers to this forum to discuss if they wish step by step action plan/goals to achieve.
Once we have these goals listed we could create fixed amount bounties eg 500 euro each for completion.

If for example we have 4 developers wiling to work together on a bounty then split the amount between them evenly to pay for their work is only fair.
I am sure alot of developers on would be interested in doing some work.

Keep the code Open Source and update once a month with progress.

I think all we need is an FPGA 680xx compatible Amiga with AGA, possibly RTG for retail price no more than £200 would be good to aim for.

A simple base machine we can create stunning apps and games.
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