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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Awsome work Tommes, I work with 3d too, but its mostly polygons. Haven't used any parametric modeling tool for at least a decade (Catia v5, Studio Tools, ProEngineer etc..), these days its all 3ds max and although entirely possible, it would suck to try to model at this detail level in 3ds max. Autodesk Inventor looks like a good choice..
Hi /eX,

thanks a lot. At least you could model the stuff in sub-d, but that wouldn't be very accurate either only good for animation and reducing polys in the scene. Yep, with any big CAD package it is very easy to reproduce former CAD data. Way faster and more accurate than in any poly modeler. Also I could convert which level of detail I want to have and I could always go back to my parametric model to do changes

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Now, to my question: Where do you get your input data? Do you measure a physical model with Calipers, do you have point clouds from super detailed scans? Or isn't the model physically accurate? Meaning, it looks about right but isn't *really* accurate.. To me, it would seem that getting the measurement totally right would take longer than the actual modeling part ;-)
I measure the physical model. And yes, it totally takes time to measure correct. So modelling or better designing the part take one third and the other two thirds are measuring. They are at least accurate down to 0.05 mm incl. fault tolerance.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
I'm asking this, because there is another thread going on about recreating a new plastic case for the A1200. A physically fully accurate model of the case would be a good starting point for a "Open Source" re-design of the case. (Removing copyrighted stuff such as the Amiga logo, but possibly improving other stuff such as making room for a slim CD drive, USB ports... whatever..
I was actually considering doing a photogrammetric 3d model of the A1200 but it could be tough to get a totally reliable model that is equally correct from all directions. (We're talking sub-millimeter precision here)

Well this is doable. I designed the C64C case from scratch to be able to render the transparent version I had to model all inside details. Watch here:
But it took me quite some days to reproduce the complete case. So it will take as long for the A1200 case as for the C64C case Maybe it's a good start to model the real thing and export a step or parasolid model which everyone could import in the one or other way. Also some poly formats like obj for the poly modelers would be possible to have a case in 3D to improve it. And later if there is a version which suits the majority it could be transfered to the parametric model. And maybe a kickstarter in the future ...

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