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Using a HDF with Kick 1.3 is a bit more complicated than with later versions.

The most Amiga-like way is to click on "enable RDB mode" in the HDF properties. But then, like on a real Amiga, you have to use HDToolbox or HDInstTool to create a partition which can be formatted and used. Be sure to change the HD tool's settings to use uaehf.device instead of scsi.device.

If you don't want this, you have to deal with file system limits. The limit for the standard file system (a.k.a. OFS) is 8 MB IIRC. So your 100 MB file is by far too big.

To overcome the 8 MB limit you have to use FastFileSystem. First you need to save FastFileSystem from your WB 1.3 disk into a Windows directory. Then in the add harddrive GUI you select the saved FastFileSystem file as file system. Not sure about this, but you might have to use the format program from a CLI or shell and specify FFS. The initialize disk menu will not let you select FFS.
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