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WB 1.3 HD installation prob: "key-1 out of range"

I still have three real Amigas (500,600HD and 2000) but this post concerns WinUAE 3.0.0 (2014.12.17).
I did yet not try older versions of WinUA.
The problem for me is to install WB 1.3 on a 100 mb HDF.
Config is A500, 1 mb, KS1.3, no extra tuning ;-)
Formatting the hd and copying the files from df0: to the dh0: drive works without any problems.
After booting from the freshly setup hdf this warning pops up:
Error validating disk
Key -1 out of range
Clicking 'Cancel' gives access to the Workbench, which is from then on running normal.
Any idea, what's wrong?
Maybe the given name for the hd is to long? I Don't think so...

On real Amigas I did setup several hd's(A600HD/A2000). On the A500 never ever. So in WinUAE it is the first time for me.
I still own my first A500 purchased late 1987. In the early 1990ies I replaced a 16-pin custom chip with a soldering iron. (it was the chip which controls the joystick-port and other stuff)
One golden rule in the golden era of the A500 was: Never ever plug in joysticks or mice while the Amiga is running. I broke the rule by mistake and this one special chip was killed.

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