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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The Mist AGA core became available and usable very quickly considering there is limited hardware information about AGA (no AGA Hardware Reference Manual like for ECS).
Minimig was released a long time ago. This guy Rok could have been playing with the source for many years before his release. WinUAE is an open source recreation of AGA. Quite well commented. Some ASIC engineers turn software models into hardware as their jobs.

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Look at the effort to reverse engineer and document the Amiga chipset with Clone-A
No one really knows what was done or how successful that project was as it was closed source

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Granted, there have been stealth projects like the AGA MiniMig and Natami which did a lot of work under the radar before surprising us with how far they had progressed.
The original Minimig came from nowhere, developed by someone unknown to the Amiga community or the FPGA community. Yaqube came from nowhere and did all the Minimig ECS fixes, developed the ARM board and Minimig AGA? Or JimDrew, while he didn't exactly come from nowhere the SuperCard Pro was a surprise alternative to Kryoflux released and functional in a very short time?

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Either someone really knew what they were doing with Mist AGA or they had more than a peak at some version of the MiniMig AGA core.
A bit of synical conclusion don't you think?

This guy Rok is writing synthesiseable HDL and targeting multiple FPGA platforms not just MiST, which are from different FPGA vendors, using different FPGA tools. Chances are he's pretty smart. I give him the benefit of the doubt but I don't know. I imagine you'd be able to tell if you had the two source codes side by side.

As the source for Minimig AGA hasn't been openly released so we'll have to wait to find out.

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