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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
If there is one thing which isn't part of the Amiga philosophy, it's "user friendliness through obscurity". No current operating system has the equivalent of the Amiga's DEVS:, S:, L: or LIBS:, instead opting to hide away everything that makes the system tick.
Are /etc, /var, usr/bin and usr/lib really that different?

Windows is pretty obtuse, though, and most user software doesn't seem to bother with shared libraries at all. It's possible to do, i gather, but it's such a pain in the ass that developers typically just bundle all their DLLs with the executable, which kind of defeats the point really. And what about those drive letters? Imagine trying to explain to a kid why the main hard disk is C: and not A:.

Another idea i had previously for a secure, multi-user OS is to use some sort of Union Filesystem so that it appears to all users that they are in a single-user OS with complete access to everything... except really they haven't. So each user account is kind of like a different version or branch of the entire system.

What actually is this "Envoy" thing, anyway? I never heard of it before, is it OS3.9? Is it official or 3rd party?

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