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Originally Posted by alexh View Post

MiST/DE-1 AGA core

Coded from scratch (probably based on MiniMig ECS) by Rok Krajnc (Chaos) and enhanced by Alastair M. Robinson and is open source.
I have no insider knowledge on this so everything I said is hearsay based on what I have read. The Mist AGA core became available and usable very quickly considering there is limited hardware information about AGA (no AGA Hardware Reference Manual like for ECS). Look at the effort to reverse engineer and document the Amiga chipset with Clone-A and even hooking a 1200 up to analysers currently for the FPGA Arcade. Granted, there have been stealth projects like the AGA MiniMig and Natami which did a lot of work under the radar before surprising us with how far they had progressed. Either someone really knew what they were doing with Mist AGA or they had more than a peak at some version of the MiniMig AGA core.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
FPGA Arcade AGA core

Written by Jakub Bednarski (Yaqube) who took over MiniMig core development and probably some input from MikeJ. AFAIK it is legally required to be open source as binaries including MiniMig GPL code have been released but so far I've seen no HDL.

I am 95% sure they are different code bases.
They are almost certainly different code bases now .
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