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Window not refreshed properly after un-pausing

I noticed a strange problem. I say strange, because on testing various versions of WinUAE back to 1.5.3 the issue was present with all of them. But if it was, surely I'd have noticed it long ago?

Anyway, the problem happens on Windows Vista SP2 with Aero disabled (Windows Classic theme) in both D3D and DirectDraw modes. It doesn't happen with Aero enabled.

After starting emulation press Pause, click another window and drag it to partially cover the emulation window. Then click in the emulation window to bring it to the front and press Pause to un-pause emulation. The only part of the emulation window which is refreshed is that which was covered by the other window. The rest retains its previous contents.

To get the emulation window to refresh properly again you can move it, or (if you haven't enabled pause when mouse uncaptured/inactive) click in another window.
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