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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
You want to say it is worse than the patience-testing-simulator known as Ultima 8?

I couldn't play 9 ever because it was in the dark days of early hardware acceleration (Voodoo, Voodoo 2) and I simply didn't have the money for it. I remember reading it was quite buggy.
Funnily enough I still haven't ever touched Ultima VIII at all, but it's part of my "Ultima Marathon" so I'll reach it eventually.

I remember playing the U9 demo back in 1999/2000 both with my Voodoo Banshee (loved that card) and Trio V64+ (software acceleration). It was a buggy piece of crap in both modes

And yes, as if the bugs weren't enough, even the rest of the game is total crap! If you're an Ultima fan and want to have a good laugh:

[ Show youtube player ]
(you can find the other parts around - YouTube removed part 2, iirc)
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