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Binary FPGA Arcade Replay Amiga AGA cores can be found on their forum in the thread

mikej wrote
I have an SVN developer server set up now. You may see developer chat on these forums about the code and environment, and I understand it is frustrating if you do not have access.
This is a small server and accesses is limited to those actively working on projects and have a board.
Two reasons this is limited for now :
- Things are shifting a lot in the libraries and I need to get something stable.
- I don't have time to support much at the moment.
I am prioritizing shipment to people who want to work on porting or writing a core. Mail me if you want to get early access.
As we near code release I will start pushing out snapshots to the main website.
Everybody is welcome to add their own projects and contribute to existing ones at this point.
If I can figure out how to do it I can add a live repository browse as well.
Thanks for the understanding and patience.

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