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Maybe your image little bigger than 100 MB (104857600 bytes).

When program decoded RAW data of your disk it have partial old decoded data from RAW gaps. It sometimes does because RAW data on disk is not saved at same location after next formatting/partitioning disk. There always exists gaps between RAW blocks and there are smaller and bigger gaps.

In your case is something like this:
- 1st block (decoded as RDSK)
- part of old block (decoded as PART - these 18 bytes)
- 2nd block (PART)
- next are 3rd, 4th... block and again some trash/zeros or part of old block ... (trash and zeros are not decoded, ofcourse)
(Between RAW blocks are gaps. Most of gaps are smaller and I think that it is one bigger gap per cylinder. Those bigger gaps can contain partial data of old blocks.)

Only way is that program, with which you made image of drive, have way to ignore those old partial data and to make new image of your disk. Or to use smarter program to make image.

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