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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
That's a load of crap. After some of my interviews I approached RG and they said they would be interested in having some articles done, I had to sign something and basically never heard back from them again after signing. They were completely unprofessional in that regard, so it's a myth that there is "nobody to write Amiga articles".
I've read most of the interviews on your site, great stuff, not afraid of going deep technically while still fun to read, thanks for doing this. If Retro Gamer missed to cover these it is their loss.

Originally Posted by Strider View Post
The piracy thing you mention is interesting. While there's obviously a very interesting story to tell, readers in the past have been concerned that said pirates would be treated in too positive a light, and wouldn't be happy reading something on it.
I think you confuse "readers" with "advertisers"?
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